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Attention Earth! This is HENGE!

Welcome to our portal of communication.

We have travelled to Planet Earth from the far corners of the Galaxy to bring a kind of music new to your world! 

Our new album, Exokosm, is out now!
Available to buy on 12″ Vinyl, CD and download.


Has your get-up-and-go kind of… got-up-and-gone? Is your motivation on vacation? If you find that you have become one with the sofa, then join us for the second edition of Hengercise!

Check out our epic new video for Get Outta Ma House featured on the Exokosm album…

Mushroom One has landed!

‘The Illustrated History of Mushroom One’ tells the mythological origins of HENGE, following their psychedelic odyssey through the pre-intelligent universe.

A collaboration between HENGE and The Glitch Collective, the film uses a combination of live action, illustration, animation and media synthesis from artists all over Planet Earth.

New Exokosm 2021 Tour Dates Announced

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